Bhoothnath Temple, Badami

The Bhutanatha temple is a cluster of sandstone temples dedicated to the deity Bhutanatha, in Badami town of Karnataka state, India.   the temples are built from local sandstone in South Indian architectural style. The temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva’s avatar Bhoothanatha.



There are two major temples here. one on the east side of the Agastya lake, called the main Bhutanatha temple. while the smaller temple on the north-east side of the Agastya lake, It has a superstructure that resembles early South Indian style or North Indian style with its open mantapa (hall or Veranda) extending into the lake, while the smaller Temple No.2 on the north-east side of the lake.

The inner shrine and mantapa (hall) were constructed in the late 7th century during the reign of the Badami Chalukyas while the outer mantapa, facing the Badami tank, was completed during the rule of the Kalyani Chalukyas of the 11th century.


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