Moral Stories for Kids

We add the collection of  moral short stories for kids. All stories written in simple language. Creep into their world, to experience the bliss of innocence, love, adventure and many more. Short stories for kids can provide them with a lot of fun and entertainment and also teach them important values in life. for more kids content explore our Kids Zone


Moral Story : The Fox and The Grapes

Moral Story : A Blind Man with a Lamp

Moral Story : Gold Mercury & The Woodcutter

Moral Story : The Slave and The Lion

Moral Story : An Ant & A Grasshopper

Moral Story : Two friends and The Bear

Moral Story – Bad Company

Moral Story : The Hidden Treasure

Moral Story : The Lion and the Mouse

Moral Story : Old Farmer and his Four Sons

Moral Story : The thirsty Crow

Moral Story : The Greedy Dog

Moral Story : The Hare and the Tortoise

Moral Story : The Chameleon and The Lizard

Moral Story : The Fox and the Stork

Moral Story : King Bruce and the Spider


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